Map of Building Lots for Sale

Introducing Lots in the Rinku Kashiwabara Zone

Map of Building Lots for Sale (Rinku Kashiwabara Area)

Situated on a hillside in the Tomatoh Area, Rinku Kashiwabara is 20 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport Terminal. A wide variety of businesses are located here, running the gamut from automotive and other manufacturing industries to food-related industries, energy-related industries, distribution-related industries, and recycling-related industries. This region is also ideally suited for diversification of risk of production or research facilities.

Rinku Kashiwabara Zone Details

  • 1Aisin AW Co., Ltd.
  • 2Aisin Hokkaido Co.,Ltd.
  • 3I Love Farm Nittan Ltd.
  • 4ASKA Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
  • 5Iwakura Construction Co.,Ltd.
  • 6Eito Construction Co.,Ltd.
  • 7Ozeki Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
  • 8Otani Industry Co.,Ltd.
  • 9Kanaflex Corporation
  • 10Kawakami Tekko Mfg. Co., Ltd.
  • 11Kantoku Global Corporation
  • 12Kito Machine Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 13-1GK Crystal Clear Solar
    (Sharp Tomakomai No. 1 Solar Power Plant)
  • 13-2GK Crystal Clear Solar
    (Sharp Tomakomai No. 2 Solar Power Plant)
  • 14Kosei Aluminum Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
  • 15Gotsu Co.,Ltd.
  • 16Satoshoji Corporation
  • 17Sanei Corporation
  • 18Sanei Transport Co., Ltd.
  • 19Sankyo Loginet Co.,Ltd.
  • 20Sanko Steel Co.,Ltd.
  • 21Sanwayuka Industry Corporation
  • 22JPC Co.,Ltd.
  • 23J Farm Corporation
  • 24Sharp Corporation
  • 25Shadai Corporation, Ltd.
  • 26Japantech Co.,Ltd.
  • 27Shinko Engineering Co.,Ltd.
  • 28Sintokogio Ltd.
  • 29Sugatec Corporation.
  • 30Sugiyama Industries Co.,Ltd.
  • 31Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.
  • 32Zen-Noh Logistics Co.,Ltd.
  • 33Taikoukidou Co., Ltd.
  • 34Dijet Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • 35Dynax Corporation
  • 36Taiheiyo Cement Corporation
  • 37Taiyo Nippon Sanso Hokkaido Corporation
  • 38Takasago Metal Works Co.,Ltd.
  • 39Chuyo Seiko Co.,Ltd.
  • 40Toko Shoji Trading Co.,Ltd.
  • 41Tobishima Corporation
  • 42Tomakomai Solar Energy LLC
    (Sharp Tomatoh no Mori Solar Power Plant)
  • 43Tomatoh Abira Solar Park Co.,Ltd.
  • 44Tomatoh Farm Co.,Ltd.
  • 45Nice Corporation
  • 46Nishikido Electric Co., Ltd.
  • 47Nishida Tekko Corporation
  • 48Nippon Steel & Sumikin Texeng Co., Ltd.
  • 49Nippo Valve Co., Ltd.
  • 50Nippon Sheet Glass Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
  • 51Nippon Konpo Unyu Soko Co., Ltd.
  • 52Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd.
  • 53Navel Solution Staff Co., Ltd.
  • 54Northern Farm
  • 55Northern Racing Limited
  • 56Hayabusa Co., Ltd.
  • 57Hitachi Transport Direx Co., Ltd.
  • 58Hokusho Corporation
  • 59Hokusei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
  • 60Hokkaido Air Water Inc.
  • 61Hokkaido Eco Recycle Systems Co., Ltd.
  • 62Hokkaido Kairikku Inc.
  • 63Hokkaido Gas Co., Ltd.
  • 64Hokkaido Soba Seifun Co., Ltd.
  • 65Hokkaido Daiki Aluminum Co., Ltd.
  • 66Hokkaido Tsuun Co., Ltd.
  • 67Hokkaido Hardy Co., Ltd.
  • 68Matsue Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • 69Myoen Kougyou Co., Ltd.
  • 70Murakami Reinforcement Co., Ltd.
  • 71Muroran Heating Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 72Meiwa Industries Co., Ltd.
  • 73Yamasa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
    Hokkaido Tomakomai No. 1 - No. 3 Solar Power Plants
  • 74NYK Trading Corporation
  • 75Yokohama Machine Service Co., Ltd.
  • 76Renewable Japan Co.,Ltd.
  • 00As these are located within the Rinku Higashi Area, they are not shown on this map.
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