Lot Sales Guide

Tomatoh has four areas, each suited to certain objectives. Let’s look at the characteristics of each, prices, examples of existing businesses, and other topics of interest.

Map of building lots for sale

Broadly speaking, the Tomatoh Area is divided into the “Rinku Area” (Kashiwabara Rinku Zone / Rinku Higashi Zone) and the “Rinkai Area” (Rinkai Kita Zone / Rinkai Nishi Zone / Rinkai Higashi Zone / Rinkai Rinko Zone). Please use the map to view lot layouts for each zone.

PDF Map of building lots for sale

Please confirm details about each area here.

  • 1.Rinku Kashiwabara Zone
  • 2.Rinkai Kita Zone
  • 3.Rinkai Higashi Zone
  • 4.Rinkai Rinku Zone

Rinku Kashiwabara Zone

Lot sale prices

from lot sales application to contract finalization

  1. (1) Lot sales application
    After deciding on a site to purchase, apply to Tomatoh Inc. for purchase.
  2. (2) Negotiation of sale conditions
    Enter into consultations on the details of the site purchase.
  3. (3) Explanation of matters of importance
    Pursuant to the requirements stipulated in The Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Act, Tomatoh Inc. explains important matters related to lot sites and sales conditions.
  4. (4) Finalization of the real estate sales contract
    After completing the above procedures, sign the real estate contract.
  5. (5) National Land Use Planning Act Notification
    Submit a Notification of Sale of Land to Tomakomai City (attn.: Governor of Hokkaido) according to the method specified in the National Land Use Planning Act.

Payment Terms

As a general rule, payment for the purchase of lots is made in full when the contract is signed. However installment payments can be negotiated.

Option System

An option contract plan is available. Under such a contract, it is possible to secure the right of first refusal for purchase of adjoining land (in principle up to an area equal to the area purchased under the contract) for a stipulated period in preparation for future need for expansion. The option system does not impose any monetary obligation (if the contract is cancelled).