Developer Feedback

Feedback from some of Tomatoh’s industrial developers.

Developer Feedback

Isuzu Engine Manufacturing Hokkaido Corp.

With plenty of space and convenient transport access, you’ll be attached to Tomakomai before you know it.

We became established in 1984 as Isuzu Motors Hokkaido Plant. At the time, we were manufacturing small engines for passenger cars, but we now perform aluminum casting, processing, assembly, and rebuilding of engines and transmissions. Over thirty years have passed since we decided on this location due to the spacious site size, convenient access to land, sea, and air transport, and reliable supply of excellent personnel. While Tomakomai is located amidst Hokkaido’s abundant nature, there is little snowfall, and with plenty of commercial facilities, it is easy to live here, and you’ll be attached to Tomakomai before you know it. We would definitely recommend to take the opportunity to take a look at Tomakomai and the Tomatoh Area.

Nishida Tekko Corporation

An ideal combination of plentiful human resources and an abundant natural environment.

Our company is headquartered in Kumamoto prefecture, and performs design, manufacture, construction, and maintenance for steel structures such as dams and river sluice gates. We found this area of Tomakomai to be the ideal candidate location for our factory in eastern Japan, and in 1988, we established our Hokkaido factory and began its operation.
Tomakomai had many advantages: Hokkaido’s bountiful natural environment, wide open spaces, excellent transportation access, and its location along the Pacific Ocean which meant little snowfall and suitable living conditions. The region also has plentiful human resources, and a number of Tomakomai locals have taken active roles at our Hokkaido factory.

Hokkaido Eco Recycle Systems Co., Ltd.

Becoming a promoting base for environmental, energy, and recycling businesses.

We began operation in 2001 as a home appliance recycling plant, together with the enactment of the “Home Appliance Recycling Act” in 2001. Tomakomai’s strongest appeal was its excellent transportation infrastructure, which facilitated collecting home appliances from throughout Hokkaido and shipping recovered materials outside of Hokkaido. We were very confident in our decision thanks to the strong support of Hokkaido Prefecture and Tomakomai City at the time of our business advancement and beyond.
With little snow accumulation in winter and cool summers, Tomakomai offers ideal living conditions. The region’s abundant natural environment has encouraged aggressive implementation of new energy and is also expected to flourish into a base for promotion of future environmental, energy, and recycling businesses. Our company intends to be part of this bright future.

Hokusei Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Perfectly located for a distribution base, with strategic access to land, sea, and air transport!

Our company develops logistics centers throughout Japan as distribution sites for “Komeri” home centers. Komeri plans to launch over a hundred stores in Hokkaido, and plans to open a logistics center in Tomakomai in during year 2017, which will be the 10th largest in all of Japan. The reason that our company selected the Tomatoh Area as the site for our distribution center is its strategic access to ground, sea, and air transport. Geographically speaking, the Tomatoh Area is right in the middle of Hokkaido, and has three interchanges for expressways that link all of Hokkaido. On top of that, Tomakomai East Port Zone is a center for container shipping, providing the perfect environment for our distribution center.

J Farm Corporation Tomakomai Plant

Stable climate, reliable energy, and fully-developed distribution networks.

Tomakomai’s stable climate is cool and has one of the lowest snowfall amounts in Hokkaido. The Tomatoh Area offers spacious sites in this ideal environment, while providing easy access to energy supply, which is especially critical for winter heating needs. For these reasons, the Tomatoh Area was the perfect choice for our vegetable factories. Also, once our business has reached its future maximum productivity, the area’s fully-developed land, sea, and air distribution networks will provide efficient shipping – both throughout Hokkaido and beyond. Looking ahead to our future business plans, we believe that this is the perfect location.

Hokkaido Soba Seifun Co., Ltd.

Cool summers, warm winters, and excellent access.

Our buckwheat flour milling company has advanced to a “sixth sector industry” status by combining primary industry of agricultural production with secondary and tertiary manufacturing and sales industries, creating a chain of value in Hokkaido with a future goal of establishing Hokkaido buckwheat as a brand. We completed our construction in August 2016.
One of the major reasons we selected the Tomatoh Area is the climate, which features cool summers and relatively warm winters with less snowfall compared to other parts of Hokkaido. Another factor in our decision to expand our business here was the highly convenient access to land, sea, and air transport. We are also very thankful for the kind and helpful advice we received both before and after expanding our business to Tomatoh.