Climate & Environment

The Tomatoh Area features cool summers, low-snowfall winters, excellent solar power generation climate, and abundant vegetation.


Tomakomai’s August average temperature is a cool 20°C, with a yearly temperature profile similar to the summer resort Karuizawa.


Tomakomai receives about one-quarter the snowfall of Sapporo, which is among the lowest snowfalls in Hokkaido.


Tomakomai enjoys abundant sunlight, and reliable year-round sunlight hours provide an ideal environment for businesses such as solar power generation and vegetable processing.

Natural Environment

With over 3,200 ha of green spaces, the Tomatoh Area coexists with nature. Particularly notable among these green spaces is the Tsutamori Forest, which is a habitat to many birds and small animals, and a wonderful place to enjoy the four seasons, with mountain vegetables in spring, haskap berries in summer, and crimson leaves in autumn. And, under special measures of the Factory Location Act, it is not necessary to establish further green spaces within each factory site.

A Low Natural Disaster Risk Area

Compared to most regions in Japan, Tomakomai’s environment has fewer risk factors such as typhoon influence days or thunderstorm days.

Source: City of Tomakomai Corporate Location Guide