Development plan

History of development

The plan aims to establish an industry and technology base that coexists with nature and living environment.

Development concept for the industrial space

In addition to promoting the further location of automotive and recycling plants, companies in the fields of bioenergy, natural cold energy or fuel cells are particularly encouraged to locate here. Hokkaido leads in the R&D of such fields.

Development concept for the R&D space

We are developing the R&D infrastructure to foster unique technologies born in Hokkaido. Facilities for R&D in the recycling, bioenergy and natural cold energy industries are given top priority. Strenuous efforts are made to contribute to the conservation of the global environment and to create a resource-cycling society through aggressive industrial development and research.

Development concept for the living environment

Priority is first placed on developing infrastructure for manufacturing industries, including for their location. Then infrastructure for research and development and the living environment are developed.

The creation of nature-friendly facilities

In the Tomatoh Area, forests, marshes and groups of lakes remain untouched. The conservation of the natural environment and ecological diversity, and the diversified use of green space are promoted. At the same time, efforts are made to create amenities, such as water parks.

History of development

July 1970: The Cabinet enacts the “Third Term Hokkaido Comprehensive Development Plan”
August 1971: The Hokkaido Development Council approves the “Tomakomai Tohbu Large-Scale Industrial Base Master Plan”
July 1972: Tomakomai Tohbu Development Co., Ltd. is founded
October 1980: Tomakomai Port East Port commences general operation
August 1995: The Hokkaido Development Council approves the “Tomakomai Tohbu Development New Plan”
March 1997: “Methods for Progress of Tomakomai Tohbu Development New Plan” is implemented
December 1998: The Cabinet approves the liquidation of Tomakomai Tohbu Development Co., Ltd. and the foundation of a new company
July 1999: Foundation of Tomatoh, Inc.
March 2005: Hokkaido Prefectural Shizukawa-Misawa Highway is fully opened
June 2007: The “58th National Forest Festival” is held at the adjacent Tsutamori Forest.
August 2008: International Container Terminal
December 2008: “Methods for Progress of Tomakomai Tohbu Development New Plan” Phase 2 is implemented
December 2012: Hokkaido Prefectural Highway Atsuma-Tomakomai Highway is opened
August 2019: “Methods for Progress of Tomakomai Tohbu Development New Plan” Phase 3 is implemented